The Goats on the Farm

My pretty little goats



Sisters Three Farm began in 2000, with my three daughters and a 4-H project. 

We purchased two Nigerian Dwarf goats and that action began years of learning. I learned about goat nutrition, breeding for longevity, milk production. I l added bees, chickens, and other farm animals.

Breeding a better goat led us to a herd that reached success locally and at a national level. The three sisters and I ended up with a beautiful show herd which we dispersed when the three sisters moved on with their own adult lives.

At that time I could not see how to move forward without my three lovely daughters by my side. And so I walked away from farming.  


Now, in 2020, after a few years without goats and other farm animals, I am re-opening the farm with a focus on modern homesteading.  I have goats again,  chickens, bees, mushrooms and a small garden. I keep kombucha, kefir and sourdough starters going in the kitchen and I love to experiment with foods and recipes

Homestead Farming

We have just added chicks to the farm. So I dont expect them to lay any eggs until the fall. 

One doe is in milk at the moment. 

I am starting slowly, good things take time