A Bucket of Mushrooms!

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share with you my exciting news. My mushroom growing project is working! The photo above is one step in the process of growing mushrooms in a bucket. When I was researching ways to expand my food growing capabilities here at the farm, I came across a couple of YouTube videos on how to grown mushrooms in a bucket. The one linked here is the best one I have found.

First I went on line and purchased mushroom spore from two different sources. One from off a Facebook Marketplace which were plugs of inoculated wood, and the other from North Spore, a company that specializes in selling spore grown on a grain medium.

For my growing medium I used compressed sawdust block used for burning in my wood stove. these blocks are sterilized while under pressure to create them. So, the block are easy to use and only need to be placed in a plastic bin, pour boiling water over to expand and that creates a second easy sterilization. I then used very inexpensive 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids that can be found at Lowe's, Home depot or your local hardware store. When the medium is cool enough to handle I layer the sawdust, then spore, then more sawdust until the bucket is filled.

I didn't photo document the process, and I wish I had, because it was so easy. .

.The above photo is of the wonderful surprise I found this morning, approximately 5 weeks later. The two buckets which were inoculated with the commercial spore are the first to fruit . I expect the Facebook Market space spore to work too just a bit slower. And I added a fourth bucket just recently, so I can have a later bloom of oyster mushrooms.

It will be interesting to see how many weeks or months the mushrooms will grow, and this information can be used to time a year round harvest.

This evening I plan on cooking my first meal with my own home-grown mushrooms. I can hardly wait.

Happy homesteading!


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