Bee on the look out!

Hello Friends,

Today's' adventure was a new one for me. I had been on he look out for the past several weeks for an inexpensive tree hunting stand and recently found one for sale locally. It was sold used, but never out of the box and a good price. I purchased it last week and tucked it in the barn. Today George and I put the stand together and strapped it to a tree. This tree is along the road to the barn so I can see it each time I walk by.

The Swarm Catcher next installed on the top of he stand. the swarm catcher is is a small box with five frames with wax foundation, and a scent lure inside. The opening has a blue plastic disc over a drilled hole on the front. The disc can be turned to Open or Close the opening. The disc is now positioned to Open and faced southward. South facing is toward my very old cranberry bog. The bog is slowly being over taken with growth, but still has many flowering wild cranberry, blueberry and other flowering plants that bees love.

My hope is that a wild swarm of bees will be looking for a new home and settle in the Catcher for me. If so, I will then move them to a larger more suitable hive.

Wish me luck and please watch for future adventures with bees.

Bee Happy!


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