Foraged Food

Yesterday, George and I picked wild black raspberries. The sun was hot and the humidity high but we managed to get quite a bit. I put them in the refrigerator to storage.

This morning after barn chores, a quick fix on the chicken run, and the last coat of paint on the new beehive, I prepared the berries for jam.

i carefully brought the berries to a simmer in a stockpot and crushed with a potato masher to release the juices. I strained them through a food mill and measured out 4.5/cups of juice with about a half a cup of the seeds. I also added a half cup of lemon juice to bring it up to 5 full cups of liquid.

I am an old fashioned girl and have always followed the process I learned from my grandmother Helga. I simply follow the directions on the store bought package of Sure Jell Pectin. It’s an easy process of juice, pectin and sugar brought to a boil, then poured into sterilized jars. The jars have special lids with a rubber gasket, which then get placed in a pot of simmering water. This rubber gasket creates an air tight seal.

Yes, this jam/jelly has sugar, white cane sugar. But that is what I’m able to get and use right now because it seems as though my grocery choices are not as plentiful as before.

I made 8 one cup jars of wild black raspberry jam. Some of these just might make it to Christmas gift giving. happy home making where ever your homestead may be.


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