Homemade Bread

Homemade Bread

Everyone loves homemade bread and lately I’ve been trying different recipes to see which ones are keepers. This recipe is from Beard on Bread, a small paperback book I picked up at a local secondhand shop.

This recipe uses warm milk, oatmeal, whole-wheat graham and all-purpose flours, butter and molasses. This link below goes to the published recipe https://www.recipelink.com/msgbrd/board_2/2005/JUL/16618.html

This recipe makes a dark, sticky dough that may be slightly difficult to knead by hand. That is why I always use my Kitchen Aid mixer to do the kneading for me. After the first rise, I punch it down and shape the dough by hand into loaves and let rise until just above the rim of the pan.

The photo above is of the dough during the second rise in the loaf pans. I sprinkled it with a bit of flour and covered them with a linen dish towel. When the dough is just above the rim of the pan, I uncover and place them in the in the oven at 350 degrees and bake for 1 hour.

This is the finished product. And I have to say I like the way the bread turned out. It is a lovely texture without being too dense, fragrant, slightly sweet with a molasses taste and a bit of chew from the oatmeal. This recipe is one I will be sure to make again.

Here's to making your home a happy place.


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