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My Homesteading Journey

I wanted to garden again. I wanted to have fresh vegetables this summer from my own garden. So, with the help of my husband, George, we resurrected the old garden site. And I ordered seeds to start indoors and ones that can be sown directly into the garden. George tilled and I set-up the fencing.

I began to read everything about gardening; blogs, books, and YouTube videos. And I found an author that resonated with me, Ruth Stout. Ruth, over he lifetime, wrote several books but the one I like is called "Gardening Without Work". I love how she explains that her garden mimics nature, and that mulching cuts your workload significantly.

For me creating and working on the garden brings me peace and a sense of purpose. And I dont have to spend enormous amounts of time doing it. After all I always have several projects going at the same time, rugs, kombucha, chickens... and I bet you do too. So, give gardening without work a try.

Thanks, Ellen

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