More Bees at Sisters Three

I made the rug above while in Canada at a workshop. It is a wool rug made with hand torn strips of wool. The motif is of an old fashioned Bee Skep. I guess I like bees. Maybe because they are mostly Sisters, or female bees.

Today I continued my journey with bees by installing a newly purchased queen bee with her attendants.

This photo on the left is when I opened the newly painted hive and placed the sugar water feeder on the front opening. The squirt bottle also contains sugar water. I sprayed this on the bee package to slow them down. The bees get interested in cleaning themselves and tend to ignore me.

This photo on the right is of the Queen cage. It gets positioned by hanging it from one of the frames. This is so the other worker bees can find her and free her from the cage.

Here I have just poured the bees into the hive. Most of them came out of the bee package and settled on the bottom of the hive just as I was hoping they would.

The package has a few bees left. So, it is placed on the ground in front of the hive. The bees will soon find the hive and their sisters.

The hive is now closed up. I will come back later today and see how active they are and in three days I will check to see if the queen has been released from her cage.

The link above is of a video.


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