Return to Bee Keeping

Hello from Sisters Three Farm,

I am so excited to about my return to bee keeping. A several years ago I took local bee keeping classes and began my adventure into bee keeping the traditional way with Langstroth hive boxes. They consist of boxes placed one on top of the other and become very heavy to lift and work with. Being a small woman, it was always a challenge for me. I also became discouraged about the intensive management style associated with this of type of hive. I had some success and delicious honey. But after a few years of failures and a lot of money to re-set up lost, I gave up and gave away my Langstroth hives.

I missed my bee keeping day and so this past winter I began researching different ways to keep bees, how to make it easier to manage and more holistic for the bees.

I found Top Bar and horizontal hives and decided this was worth a try!

The photo on the right is the body of the hive being painted. I read that painting the hive a unique color and design, not only makes the wood last longer but it makes it easily identifiable to the bees.

This hive is painted with pretty white flowers and almost ready to use. I need to make a sturdy stand for it, then wait to get my package of bees delivered right to my home at the end of the month.

I plan on posting photos of the completed hive and in it's final location here at Sisters Three Farm. I hope you will check back and see the progress.

Thanks, Ellen

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