Snow, cold and Goats

Winter in New England can be cold and snowy. And if you are a new goat owner you many wonder “How do I keep my goats warm?” Well the good news is that goats are ruminants. And they are constantly digesting matter. This keeps their body temperature up to 107 degrees F. Of course they need shelter to keep dry, and keeping out of a cold wind is important too.

During the winter I keep the hay feeders full of hay, and I provide fresh water twice a day. If possible use electric water buckets because they keep the water from being frozen, allowing the goats to drink at any time.

So, keep your goats warm during the winter is easy if you follow those few basics, hay, water, out of the cold wind and rain. Seasons greeting from Sisters Three Farm,

Naida, Margaret, Marion, Mahalia and Ellen

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