The Lazy Gardener

Hi Folks,

several weeks ago I planted my asparagus roots. All information I gleened said I had to to dig a two foot deep trench in order to have a successful patch. But being inspired by the Ruth Stout way of gardening and the incredibly difficult New England rocky soil coupled with my natural inclination to be lazy, I thought I would try something a bit different. I asked my husband George to dump our old compost Into three deep rows. I then planted the asparagus roots directly into the compost about one foot deep, and covered them with additional compost and a deep layer of straw.

I wondered if any would sprout and sure enough today I found several sprouts emerging from the straw! My lazy gardening method worked. I know that some of the straw is sprouting too but additional layers of mulch will take care of that. Thanks for joining me and I hope you will stop by again to see what is happening here at Sisters Three Farm. Happy homesteading


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